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This is the painting that I used for inspiration for my free verse poem and sonnet. It’s actually one of my uncle David’s paintings. Check it out…


Free Verse

Eccentricity is lime colored and shapely.

Bright blue calls to muted pink calls back to orange.

A sing-song of colors gone wrong.

Outline of my imagination restricting without restrictions.

An eye in the corner watches me watch it.

A flair of the grotesque, uneven breasts call attention

To themselves. Promiscuous like its form.

His pairings impair me.

I’m not grounded by them being there.


A sing-song of colors gone wrong call out.

Call me back to a time without any

Restrictions. The color of sauerkraut

Stains the background, a mustard tyranny.

His art is challenging like his person.

Unforgiving of mediocrity.

A flair of the grotesque calls attention.

To his lime-colored eccentricity.

Stop calling out when you should call back in.

What is it that you are trying to say?

Without your own thoughts, how do I begin?

To me, imposing meaning seems a sin. 

List Poem-“The Sweater”

The sweater is raspberry red.

The sweater that was worn by a school teacher once.

The sweater that was worn by a man’s wife before.

The sweater is crocheted.

The sweater has holes.

The sweater shows skin.

The sweater has no buttons.

The sweater lies open.

The sweater is delicate.

The sweater that resembles a doily.

The sweater that has a history.

The sweater that was worn by a school teacher once.

The sweater that was worn by a man’s wife before.

The sweater that goes antiquing.

The sweater that smelled of sherry and cigar smoke.

The sweater that was worn to the court hearing.

The sweater that hates bating.

The sweater has been handed down.

The sweater that was sewn by three women.

The sweater that shielded freckled fair tone skin.

The sweater she had an affair in.

The sweater with the apple sauce stains.

The sweater that has predecessors.

The sweater that speaks in an ethereal voice.

The sweater that is incriminating.

The sweater that is self-conscious.

The sweater with a history.

The sweater with histories.

The sweater that was worn by a school teacher once.

The sweater that was worn by a man’s wife before.

I wear the sweater’s history.

The sweater that has been passed on.

The sweater I now call my own. 

Word Association Poem (words: mountain, top, snow, cotton candy, dream)

He stood like a mountain

On top of the ledge.

His beard was snowy white

Airy wisps like cotton candy.

He placed his hand firm on my shoulder.

The heavy weight of this man could heal.

He always looked bigger in my dreams. 

Translation Poem (Italian Poem “Scelte”)



Foster nothing but silence.

In May, a guarded advance.

Caught my lone imagination.

Nothing of mine secluded, contaminated,

A virus preserved in you.

A guardian soaked still

In core, sacred testimony

Compact in a consequence’s ill song

Shaped me entirely with ill sound

Delicate voice, with lasting force

Delicate man with handsome strength

Ill vision of mine, alluding

Sequestered, I am finished, secluded. 




Se fossi nato cieco

e mai, lo sguardo avesse

colto la tua immagine;

nella mia cecità, comunque,

avrei preferito te.

A guardarmi sarebbe stato

il cuore, sacro testimone

capace a colorarmi il sogno

che m’attirava con il suono

della voce, con la forza

delle mani che hanno stretto

il viso mio, annullando

questa finta cecità.


Window Haiku—“White Wall”

Stone bottom shingles

Angular white confection

Set against the blue.